Lucky Strikes

When i first got here 250lbs 2yo Me now 1100lbs 4yo


Hi, my name is Lucky. I live up to my name 100%.  I was about to end up at the auction, but  I had two people come to look at me. They looked very sad to see me.  I didn’t know why they were talking to the girl that had me. When they left, I said goodbye but I didn’t know why they had left. Then a few hours later, I saw the same girl who came to see me with a halter. She led me to this big metal thing with a door that she opened.  I knew that good things would happen if I got in , so I jumped right in and next thing I knew I was moving. Then, the door opened and I was a new place with other horses.  I was a little afraid of the other horses, but they put me in my own paddock.  Then, she brought me a bucket and put it on the ground. It had food in it.  I ate it all up. I was so happy to be able to get a blanket when it rained. I had rain rot all over my back and I had no hair on my back. I love my new family so much that I give them hugs whenever they give me hugs. I give them a lot of hugs.